Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hello everyone! I am super excited to start blogging, although I can't promise that I'll be very consistent :] I mostly wanted to begin a blog as a journal, but I also think it's a great way to keep everyone in the loop about what's happening in our lives! Hopefully I'm able to update it weekly with what's happening, things we are loving, and other exciting news.

We'll backtrack a little...I'll start when it all began: August 20, 2010.

We were married...

...went on a sweet cruise for our honeymoon, moved to Utah, and started school.

 Then we went to football games...

had more school, and kept going to MORE school during the summer. We are fast forwarding pretty quickly - next we went to Clear Lake with Dave's family and then to Hawaii with mine, where we celebrated our first anniversary.

We started school AGAIN, and celebrated our 2nd Christmas together...

Then came student teaching...

...and FINALLY...graduation!

Soon after, we did our first triathlon together :]

We are now living with Dave's parents in Southern California trying to find jobs and an apartment...and that's the past two years in a nutshell! 


  1. Love the blog Shelley!!! Do you really paint your nails every week? I finally found a base that allows me to have mine painted for around 2 weeks without chipping. It is great because now I keep them painted all the time. They just always look so much better!

    1. Anna - What is the base?! I am just too lazy to put a regular base coat on, then wait for it to dry, then paint, and so just takes forever! and do you have any tricks for getting them to dry faster? that kills me too haha

  2. this is exactly the kind of update nutshell i needed in my life. :) i like you just a whole lot.

  3. Wow, that is good summarization (probably not a word - well, it is now) of two years! I'm so excited that you started a blog!

  4. Very cute...We miss you and the kids still talk about you. "Mom, where's Shelley?"

    1. aw! I love the pictures you and shane post of them...they are adorable :]